Who We Are
Up and Running can help your organization achieve even the most complex technology, infrastructure, staffing and project goals. Founded in 1999, we have offices in Washington DC and Montgomery, Alabama.   We provide IT services and products with one tri-lateral objective: to make your organization more efficient, capable and cost-effective. Utilizing our broad range of services and products, we accomplish this for our clients every day.
What We Do
Up and Running takes the many forms of technology that your organization depends upon and makes them work for you, efficiently and effectively. We solve problems and push through barriers. And once we’ve got you “up and running,” we help you sustain the high level of productivity you’ve achieved. By providing both turnkey enterprise solutions and knowledge transfer services, we enable our clients to become self-sufficient with technologies that can be accessed on multiple platforms.
Why We’re Right for You
Just as our name suggests, Up and Running is ready, willing and able to respond to your organization’s most complex challenges. We meet your specific organizational needs with solutions tailored just for you, and we’re committed to delivering results with superior quality and accuracy. Our dedicated staff is knowledgeable in providing customer-oriented, complete enterprise solutions.
News and Events
Service Oriented Architecture

Tailor-made solutions to improve organizational efficiency
Creating a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for your organization allows Up and Running to string together portions of functionality in existing software to form new applications. The result: significantly higher functionality and efficiency. By building applications around your services, you’ll have increased ability to scale operations to meet varying demand levels and reduce costs. Learn more.
Sustainment Services

Sustaining integral, complex mission-critical systems

Let Up and Running provide comprehensive technical, operational and product support for your organization, so you can focus on your core business objectives. Our sustainment services include network configuration support, application sustainment, help desk support and more. Learn more.