VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and VoSIP (Voice Over Secure Internet Protocol) technology allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks like the internet, providing a more manageable, cost-efficient, and productive solution for business and government communications.

Benefits of VoIP and VoSIP
VoIP and VoSIP combine voice and data networks onto a single network, creating an environment in which applications like email, efax and web conferencing are easily integrated. Benefits include cost savings, call clarity, reliability, security, flexibility and greater system features. Conference calling is enhanced, as participants communicate in real time, sharing presentations, documents and other files simultaneously between offices. VoIP and VoSIPcan also accommodate textual communication side by side with the verbal communication.

Up and Running will begin by conducting an assessment of your organization to determine your specific requirements. Whether you need traditional VoIP or a voice-over secured IP, our experts create and implement a customized plan for your organization. After installation of your new system is complete, Up and Running’s sustainment services ensure that you are receiving optimum value from your VoIP or VoSIP system.

We use Cisco, Vertical and Avaya telephone systems and can secure calls made over a public network or utilize a secure network, depending on your organization’s needs.
**Up and Running recently entered into a partnership that will change the way phone service is delivered to the Department of Defense (DoD). By moving to a secured VoIP phone system, the government will cut communications costs over 40 percent!