Virtualization is a driving force for "accomplishing more with less". Servers, applications, desktops, and data warehouse virtualization, if implemented correctly, can yield a very high Return on Investment (ROI) and achieve significant savings through cost avoidance.

At Up and Running, our virtualization solutions allow you to take advantage of "best of breed" virtualization and virtualization management technologies. All of our solutions are validated in our in-house lab, to ensure our customers a high degree of success with minimal risk. Our systems integrators specialize in physical to virtual server migration, virtual environment management and virtual security. We also specialize in virtualizing legacy applications-such as applications which no longer conform with agency security directives-migrating them into virtual environments and minimizing the operational risk to our customers' overall security postures. Our staff is also well-versed in data federation and virtual data  warehousing, as well as providing cross-security domain data virtualization solutions. Our systems integrators help businesses and government agencies reap the benefits of cutting edge virtualization technology while minimizing the risk and costs.