Software Development
End-to-end software development support

The key to successfully developing software is to employ a team who has a well-defined set of methodologies and processes, who understands the normal pitfalls of software development and how to navigate around them, and who can deliver products which can be deployed in myriad target architectures-from legacy such as web-based and client-server to Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Our approach relies heavily on repeatable processes and leverages technology to automate and expedite key critical repetitive tasks within the software development lifecycle to provide high quality, high assurance software products developed within a compressed timeline. We accomplish this by integrating SEI's CMMI Level 3 principles, an Agile development methodology, and Software Assurance industry's best practices to build in a high degree of security, quality, and reliability while managing cost and schedule.

Up and Running (UAR) Inc. stands apart from other development firms; its proprietary methodologies and use of technology significantly reduces the cost of building and sustaining software systems. We have experience modernizing legacy systems, deriving the fully articulated business requirements from the existing codebase and refactoring them to meet modernization goals quicker and at a significantly lower cost. We also have experience with cutting edge technologies such as Business Rules engines implementation and SOA modernization. We focus on proper capture of customer requirements, validated by prototyping, storyboarding, and modeling. We build high assurance, high value systems within an expedited time frame and diminished cost by leveraging technology, proprietary methodologies, well-defined repeatable processes, and engineered to fit into the target architecture.


Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become the leading industry paradigm for software development. SOA-enabled software is inherently modular and reusable, with some profoundly beneficial qualities including: flexibility, agility and, above all, cost efficiency. To truly realize these benefits, however, companies must first implement the software infrastructure designed to enable and support SOA-based development.

UAR's approach to web service development is to use an architecture oriented around services. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is often pictured one of two different ways. One fundamental perception is that SOA is simply converting legacy functionality to web services. Another perspective sees SOA as exposing data as web services. Both of these have some validity, but SOA is more than expressing business logic as a web service or exposing data through Web Services Description Language (WSDL). WSDL is a model for describing web services which is an XML - based language.