Technology infrastructure includes the physical hardware used to connect computers and their users, as well as software and the unseen realm of middleware, protocols and networks that bind the computing enterprise together and facilitate efficient data flow.  But technology infrastructure involves more than just the mechanics of data systems; it includes people providing support and services -- people like the professionals at Up and Running. Learn more.


As today's systems become increasingly reliant on software, the issues surrounding sustainment become more and more complex. Let Up and Running provide comprehensive technical, operational and product support for your organization, so you can focus on your core business objectives.

Project Management

Reach even the most complex project goals with comprehensive project support and management from Up and Running. We offer project management services and consulting for projects of all types and sizes, including information technology project management and program management. Learn more.

Curriculum Development

Improve the quality and availability of professional development and workplace learning in your organization with tailor-made curriculum for traditional classroom, self-guided, or online learning environments. Up and Running  provides business training and education services with customized interactive courseware (ICW). Learn more.


VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and VoSIP (Voice Over Secure Internet Protocol) technology allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks like the internet, providing a more manageable, cost-efficient, and productive solution for business and government communications. Learn more.

Medical Staffing

When faced with staffing transitions and other workforce challenges, you need a healthcare staffing firm you can trust to select, screen and engage the talent you need to continue providing the highest caliber of patient care. As a qualified nurse, physician and allied healthcare staffing agency, Up and Running offers specialized recruiting and consulting services with an industry-specific focus. Learn more.