Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise Application Integration

EAI is the unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among connected applications and data sources in the enterprise, including sales, marketing, accounting and human resource applications. At Up and Running, our EAI solutions allow you to take advantage of the most advanced middleware technology to merge disparate applications into a fully functional enterprise application. Learn more.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) allows you to apply software solutions to streamline and automate routine business processes, manage internal/external resources and tangible assets, and maximize operational efficiency and productivity. Learn more.

Service Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become the leading industry paradigm for software development. By creating SOA-enabled software for your organization, Up and Running can string together portions of functionality in existing software to form new applications that can be used within multiple domains. The result: significantly higher functionality and efficiency. By building applications around your services, you’ll have increased ability to scale operations to meet different demand levels and reduce costs. Learn more.